$39.95 Rugged Armadillo House Plans

This is a real world off-grid vacation or primary home that is resistant to fire, vandals and intruders.  This house uses CMU (cement block) construction for durability, break-in and fire resistance.  This house has a below grade basement for cool food and battery bank storage and living space.  

The main floor includes a locked garage and entry room.  The top floor is the primary living quarters and a shaded roof top deck is great for entertaining.  The roof top deck also contains a water tank to provide pressured water throughout the house from a water well or hauled water.  The roof top deck awning roof has plenty of secure room for a solar panel array.

Windows are designed to be protected by security shutters.  The stair case between floors can be a smaller profile spiral staircase or an outside stair case to provide more interior space.  Roof options include a large single plane tilted roof for optimized solar panel placement or a more conventional gable type roof.

These plans are provided to help generate your own ideas about the ideal retreat home; have your own architect or qualified engineer examine for adherence to local building codes.

This is both a secure home and a support system for your RV.  This is a theft, intruder and fire resistant CMU block shelter that allows you to live in your RV with full shade protection and connection to a large water tank, sewer system and solar powered battery bank.  

The entire garage locks up tight like an armadillo without entry points for intruders or vandals.

Off-grid 3 story with roof top deck and water tank

Secure RV garage and living space